Inauguration Testa Center Mikael Danberg Emmanuel Ligner Lotta Ljungqvist Jesper Hedberg

Two years with successful projects in Testa Center

A test bed to grow the life science and bio-process industry, that was what Lotta Ljungqvist, Emmanuel Ligner, Mikael Damberg and Jesper Hedberg was thinking of back in 2016. Today, after two years in business and many successful projects, Testa Center is delivering on its promise!

Inauguration Testa Center Mikael Danberg Emmanuel Ligner Lotta Ljungqvist Jesper Hedberg
Inauguration Testa Center, Jesper Hedberg, Mikael Damberg, Emmanuel Ligner and Lotta Ljungqvist.


In the beginning of 2016, Mikael Damberg, at this time Minister of Enterprise in Sweden, launched a strategy for general growth of Swedish industry that included test beds. Lotta Ljungqvist and her team was working on a plan to launch a test bed for Life Science. The two met in the end of 2016, and the rest is history. Testa Center was then setup on three pillars, or missions, still standing today;

  1. Verify Innovation – Provide opportunity to verify in a bio-process production environment.
  2. Accelerate Industrialization – Scale-up bio-processes and industrialize your company.
  3. Secure Excellence – Academic and professional training to provide the practical knowledge for the workforce of the future.

Execution of two years

Over the two years with successful projects in Testa Center, we have been honored by meeting numerous interesting people from the business, have had many very interesting projects, had over two thousand visitors per year, as well as inspired over hundred students with training and showcases.

As a non-profit public-private partnership we price our services based on our costs, therefor instead of a goal measured in profit – we strive for high utilization. That means we aim to spend as much time as we can with our customers. With our team constantly delivering hand-on expertise to our customers and the labs filled most of the time, we are very glad to have reached our goals so far.

The list below gives an oversight of our visitors during the last two years with successful projects in Testa Center;

Accelerate projects for bio-process industrialization

Secure Excellence by training and education

Verify Technology Innovation

Short on COVID-19 effects on Testa Center

SARS-CoV-2 was a black swan that the world did not anticipate. The travel restrictions have made us focus on the Swedish and Nordic markets for 2020-21. The pandemic both postponed much of our projects originally booked for 2020, but it also gave an influx of COVID-19 related projects. As everyone else we were forced into the world of remote-work to which we keep adjusting to.

Analysis of the two years

Looking back over the last two years we are pleased to have had customers from day one and to have met so many curious researchers, students, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and knowledgeable application specialists.

The three pillars, to grow life science in Sweden, are standing strong even in the middle of a pandemic.

Testa Challenge is a new concept and part of our campaign to drive more Verification of Innovation for new technology in bio-process.

The need for a bio-process scale-up test bed, training ground and center of expertise keeps growing for every year, both globally and in Sweden. All staff in Testa Center are more than happy to keep providing the researchers with in-lab hands-on guidance, training and expertise. Perhaps the pandemic will help us to scale-out to even more people using digital tools.


This year we had to have a short and small celebration in Testa Center due to the pandemic.

We wish to thank all our customers, partners, staff, founders and investors for making Testa Center possible and for growing the life science industry!

Sincerely yours,

The Testa Center team