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I have learned a lot. Every step of the process, setting up the columns at a much larger scale is a whole new method. It’s a really good experience, lots of help and fantastic equipment. The team is very kind, helping us with the technical and practical needs.
Jan-Olof Andersson
Responsible for the protein-chemistry operations at Toleranzia
Transporting powder is considerably easier and more cost-effective. The powder remains stable at 40 degrees for several weeks and does not require a cold chain, which is extremely important in warm countries such as those in Africa,
Ziccum in Testa Center
Louise Egeblad
Project manager at Ziccum.
We have achieved fantastic results in a very short time. We spoke directly with all the expertise at Testa Center, utilizing their broad know-how as a filter in direct discussions with people familiar with our own company’s specific project needs. This paved the way for success. We have, for example, being able to run tests relevant to just our particular product.
Angelica Loskog
CEO at Lokon Pharma.
We came to Testa center with a 10 Liters scale process already developed to manufacture our product MX/CTG Laminin 521. We aimed to scale up the process to 40 L. Now we have designed a process that allows us to produce and process 40 Liters of harvest multiple times in a month, if necessary.
Parinith Sudhakar
Parinith Sudhakar
Upstream scientist from BioLamina

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