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Training and education programs in bioproduction are held continuously by Testa Center and its partners. Long-term educational programs and on-demand video link remote training are both common. Using the labs and instrumentation as the training ground is very powerful for direct hands-on practice.

No matter if you are in a bioprocessing lab for the first time or if you are an advanced application specialist, you will learn and face new challenges in the Testa Center.

All the partners who extend the range of training that can be held in the Testa Center. We are open for entry to advanced level training for academies, small-medium businesses, and the industry.

Standing up to “Secure Excellence” the Testa Center collaborates with academia to support academic experiments, courses, and educational programs to grow the pool of talent in life sciences. 

All teams entering the Testa Center will be trained by Testa Center in Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS). Anyone entering a lab is required to pass the Testa Center’s EHS exam.

Very common feedback from teams exiting the Testa Center is “We learned more than we ever expected” and “you get up to speed on everything from the smallest tasks to the entire workflow”

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