Technological innovation

Get stronger by working together!

The digital transformation affects bioprocess just as everything else in our lives. New mindsets, methods, and technology are being introduced in a rapid phase. In Testa Center, we stay on top of the trends by participating in the innovative ecosystem. We interact with researchers and companies working at the intersection of life science, software, and hardware development.

We invite you to the Testa Center for the development, test, and verification of operational technology, information technology, automation, and all other products and services that help us to enhance quality, efficiency, and usability!

Better ways of working

  • Silo
  • Right of first refusal (IP)
  • Pay upfront
  • Manual
  • Paper
  • Closed, on-site only
  • DIY or outsource
  • Air-gaped
  • Compliance first
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • As-a-Service
  • Automated
  • Digital
  • Open test-bed, remote digital access
  • Gives you a helping hand
  • Open data interfaces
  • Innovation first


The Testa Challenge

In October 2020 we ran the first Testa Challenge, a one-week open bioprocess run for technology innovators. Like a Hackathon, innovators were asked to solve industry problems related to the themes set up by the Testa Center. Sponsors paid for the food and consumables to give the teams time to focus and spark innovation.

Themes of 2020
Video capturing
Heat pistol on stile bag
Shake flask experiment
Bioreactor run meeting
In-line custom sensor
Analytics was ok!
Very early mornings all week
The upstream process

I have learned a lot. Every step of the process, setting up the columns at a much larger scale is a whole new method. It’s a really good experience, lots of help and fantastic equipment. The team is very kind, helping us with the technical and practical needs

Ready to take the first step?

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