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– Secure scalability, manufacturability, robustness.
– Keep all intellectual property.

– Learn the craftmanship of biological production.
– Generate verification data.
– Fail early and adjust.

– Expert guidance and support.
– Flexible use of equipment.

What we do

We offer an innovative environment for biological production

Scaling-up? Need more capability? Do it with the help of the Testa Center!

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The digital transformation affects bioprocesses and the bioprocessing industry just like everything else in our lives.

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How we do it

Together we accelerate the journey of world changing innovations

Biological, technological, and digital products and services are all welcome in Testa Center to meet the real world of applications and complexity in biological production.

Shorten the timeline, control risk, and let us help you execute the work needed for you to gain momentum.

Let us grow together! We embrace training and education to secure the work force of the future in biological production.

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The team

About our team

The perfect place to work side by side with technical experts and build value in your project.

We have achieved fantastic results in a very short time. We spoke directly with all the expertise at Testa Center, utilizing their broad know-how as a filter in direct discussions with people familiar with our own company’s specific project needs. This paved the way for success. We have, for example, being able to run tests relevant to just our particular product.

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