Rockwell automation

Rockwell Automation in Testa Center for Pharma 4.0

On the 11th of December we had the pleasure to welcome Felix Langkjaer, Martin Ohlsson, Peter Cullen with entourage, from Rockwell Automaton, for a meeting in Testa Center.

Rockwell Automation an supplier of automation in a broad spectrum of industries. Testa Center is a flexible and open access bio-process R&D facility. Mixing these two in one room gave rise to a lot of very interesting conversations about industry trends, opportunities and challenges.

Some of them where;

  • Pharma 4.0, described by Rockwell is happening now! Some of it in Testa Center.
  • Traditional Operational Technology is transforming into Information Technology.
  • The rapid phase of change in Testa Center offers a opportunity to test and learn for everyone!

If you are interested in Pharma 4.0 you should definitely read Rockwell Automation’s brochure ”The factory of the future” now.

If you like to visit Testa Center for a tour you can do it in the virtual tour or by booking a tour!

Thank you very much Rockwell Automation for interesting discussions and for having GE Healthcare in your Partner Program! Let’s work together for ”bio-processing solutions ’for the digital age'”! (source: