Xertified XoT devices to secure life science equipment

It was obvious from the first meeting that there is a case for Xertified to secure vulnerable life science equipment. Promising cyber security improvements in fifteen minutes or less seemed like an interesting promise, stretching what I thought was even possible. One week later we are all much wiser, this is what we learned. Xertified …

Solving the chicken-and-egg problem with technology in bioprocess

Testa Challenge 19-23 October 2020

Why is it hard for tech and digital innovation companies to brake new ground in the bioprocess market? Proprietary data standards, long product cycles, legacy systems, high investment costs and an intellectual property mine field are just a few of the obstacles for the startups, small and medium enterprises and industry. Testa Center is committed to …

Testa Challenge is an opportunity to verify bio-process technology

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We welcome all kind of innovative solutions that have the potential to meet the future technology needs within bio-production. Some examples in the area of technology include sensors, separation technology, pumps, etc. and within the digital/data segment, some examples include cloud solutions, VR / AR, AI, data transfer, modeling, automation, smart laboratory tools, etc.
Projects and companies from the technology/digital segments are invited to integrate, test and witness their innovation within a sponsored production workflow at Testa Center. Alongside the production process, participants will be supported by experts and have the possibility to experience their innovation hands on.