Jesper on Testa Center, the pandemic and the future

Jesper Hedberg in Testa Center interviewed Jesper who talked about the Testa Center, the effects of the pandemic, and the future.

Felicity Thomas summarized the best parts in this three-minute article.

About the Testa Center

After Jesper had introduced Testa Center as “In the Testa Center, researchers have access to both equipment and expertise to drive their biological production process from lab bench scale to industrial pilot scale.” the article goes on to the effects on the Testa Center given the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic effects

Jesper answers that groups are still able to run their projects, given that necessary precautions are taken into consideration. He goes on to say “Additionally, we have had several requests for projects related to the fight against COVID-19. One of these projects has just finalized its execution phase in Testa Center. At this point, we cannot share more info due to confidentiality, but we will shortly share more around these activities in our channels.”

The future, ten years down the line?

For Jesper, there seems to be a couple of trends to keep track of in planning the strategic direction for the Testa Center. Jesper summarizes, “New drugs and new molecules (sometimes referred to ‘the new Zoo’) are being discovered at an increasingly higher pace and the complexity of molecules and modes of actions are also getting more complex.”

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EATx featuring Jesper Hedberg introducing the Testa Center offering and capabilities

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Learn about the capabilities and benefits available to your project in the Testa Center. This video is an 26 minutes introduction by Jesper Hedberg, director of the Testa Center. Moderated by Anton Ussi, Operations & Finance Director for EATRIS C&S.


0:00 Introduction by Anton Ussi

2:45 Presentation by Jesper Hedberg

9:40 Capabilities

14:21 The phases of a general project in the Testa Center

17:00 Explainer video

20:54 Example projects from Uppsala university

24:10 Ending

Toleranzia communicates status and time-plan for large scale production of TOL2


“Toleranzia har som tidigare kommunicerats i samarbete med Testa Center i Uppsala framgångsrikt validerat den optimerade process i bakterier som bolaget utvecklat i samband med byte av tillverkningsmetod för TOL2. Systembytet för tillverkning från jäst till bakterier har även medfört en ny samarbetspartner, 3P Biopharmaceuticals som har kontrakterats för att skala upp processen och tillverka läkemedelssubstans enligt GMP för den kliniska studien i patienter med MG. “

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