Sara Mangsbo and her team gained speed by utilizing research infrastructures

Does it have to take seventeen years (in average) from research to patient in Pharma?[1] Sara Mangsbo and her team gained valuable speed by successfully utilizing the Swedish research infrastructures. After utilizing the Drug Discovery and Development platform (DDD) at SciLifeLab and Testa Center for technology development, verification and industrialization, they are now commercializing what once was academic research on Immune Gas Pedal technology. The goal is now set for affordable and scalable personalized immunotherapy to treat solid tumors.

Sara Mangsbo
Sara Mangsbo

It is now four years ago the project designed to turn the patients’ bodies into T cell generating factories entered the DDD. Time has been invested to develop a platform that reduces cost and time when priming T cells to enable their recognition of a tumor cell. Having collected valuable data in the DDD and validated technology for scale-up in the Testa Center, the project is now leaving the DDD for continuation and commercialization in the Strike Pharma AB company.

The staff of the Testa Center is applauding all the participants in the project precision when executing and for the successes in DDD and the Testa Center. With the speed we have seen so far in this project you will drive down the average years it takes for taking research to the patient in Pharma.


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