Process control experiment by master students in the Testa Center

Professor Bengt Carlsson reached out to the Testa Center in February 2021 with an ask. ”Would it be possible to have students in the Testa Center using bioreactors to learn PID control?” he asked, yes, certainly we said.

After two short visits to the laboratory and Bengt and the Testa Center staff prepared the experiment instruction for the students. And when the time came, in October that year, the first students arrived and successfully performed the lab. The students were thrilled to use real-world, industry-grade, bioreactors. And when the PID parameters had been fully optimized, then everyone, including Bengt, went home with new knowledge of hands-on control of bioreactors and big smiles on their faces.

Professor Bengt Carlsson, Department of Information Technology, Division of Systems and Control at Uppsala University. Explains why his students are in the Testa Center.

”Normally we use a lot of simulation exercises … it’s not the real thing, and here they could really try the method on the real process”.

Bengt Carlsson, 2021.

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