Learn filtration by training and example

Webinar: Filtration by training and example

Introduction to filtration for application specialists by training and example.

Webinar content

The first part is filtration technology training on Pall products. The second part describes a large-scale ribosome purification project that ran in Testa Center. The third part consists of an introduction to the Testa Center. In the fourth and last part, the presenters answer questions from the audience.

Talks and speakers

  1. Filtration Technologies for Biopharmaceuticals: From Lab Bench Development to Large Scale Production, by Patricia Raleiras, Bioprocess Specialist at Pall Biotech (Pall Corporation).
  2. Large-scale Ribosome Purification, by Suparna Sanyal, Professor at Department of Cell and Molecular Biology.
  3. Introduction to Testa Center, by Jesper Hedberg, Director at Testa Center.
  4. Questions from the audience for the presenters to answer.

Thank you!

Thank you very much to everyone in the audience for listening and for all your questions. Thank you to all presenters for the well-prepared presentations which were all nicely delivered in this webinar.

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