Jesper Hedberg, CEO of Testa Center

Jesper embodies the virtues of curiosity, humbleness and diligence. As a one of the Testa Center creators he here explains why Testa Center exists and who can benefit from it!

”Testa Center is the perfect place to work side by side with technical experts and build value in your project.

Here you can take your innovation to an industrial process or generate large amounts of protein material for your research.

If you are developing a biological molecule aimed for treatment, failing a GMP batch is very costly and therefore reducing the technical risk in a non-GMP environment as Testa Center is crucial.

We also provide an environment for practical training and advance hands-on experiments both for academia and companies. This we do to create the bio production workforce of the future!”

Jesper Hedberg, Testa Center.
Here is Jesper welcoming you to Testa Center in the lovely Swedish summer-time!

Jesper makes it possible!

In an interview with Cytiva, Jesper talks very openly about his beliefs in bio-processing and Testa Center.

”My primary drivers are curiosity, research, and understanding how biological systems work,” he says – ”which makes the Testa Center a perfect environment.”

Closing the interview by US Army quote from the second world war,

Nothing is impossible – it just takes a little longer.”

Jesper Hedberg, Meet the Team at Cytiva.

You can see Jesper’s professional profile on LinkedIn.