Uppsala university master’s students in the Testa Center

The long-term collaboration agreement with Uppsala University and Cytiva gives not only researchers but also students access to the equipment and specialized expertise at Testa Center.

Now in December, we are thrilled to have the first class of last-year students on the Master of Science programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering at Uppsala University at Testa Center for a student lab exercise. By locating parts of the training at Testa Center the students will gain important experience in industrial processes that cannot be offered in the university’s own laboratories.

Students in start-to-finish training with Uppsala University

Direct feedback from the students confirms the above notions and that the experience in Testa Center has been very inspiring and that they have done important learning around scaling up (from lab scale to industrial scale). In addition, for many of the students some of the unit operations were completely new, e.g., a filtering step for harvest, which speaks to the importance of bringing in industrial processes in educational programs.

Through the experiences gained at Testa Center, the university will also be able to develop completely new programs focusing on the large-scale production of biological products. In the longer term, this will also contribute to Sweden retaining a leading position in biological processes and the production of biological drugs.