BioLamina first to arrive to Testa Center

The Swedish biotechnology company BioLamina was the first customer to run their project at Testa Center. BioLamina was founded in 2008 by Dr. Karl Tryggvason and his son Dr. Kristian Tryggvason, and today the company has grown into a business with global presence and about 20 employees.

BioLamina develops, manufactures and distributes premium cell culture reagents intended for culturing of primary cells, such as stem cells. They recently entered into a collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to support the development of new cell therapies targeting Parkinson’s disease, heart failure and loss of vision.

With the aim to scale up their production capacity, BioLamina already early on decided to come to Testa Center which was then made possible through financing support from Swelife. By having access to an extensive array of equipment and the special expertise provided at Testa Center, they have been able to test their own processes and continue building on their own skills and knowledge. Through this competence BioLamina will have the possibility to continue to build their own production capabilities and thereby also keeping it in Sweden.

“With the increasing demand of our high-quality laminins within the cell therapy industry, we need to scale-up our production capacity. Testa Center gives us a unique possibility to do this internally, by securing company assets and know-how, and thereby minimizing business risks.”.

Kristian Tryggvason, CEO of BioLamina.