Biological production with the help of the Testa Center

Scaling-up? Need more capability? Do it with the help of the Testa Center!

Do you need to scale up or outsource your production? Bring your team, or leverage consultants, to start using the Testa Center’s instruments, equipment, and labs today. Here you will learn about and develop your biological production with the help of the Testa Center staff. Get guidance from experts for solving the complexities involved in scaling up your production process. In the end, you will come out stronger as a team, with better knowledge about your production method and the thing surrounding it.

During a project you will

  • Receive dedicated Testa Center expert staff bioproduction support.
  • Train your team in the craftsmanship needed for your production process to work.
  • Be able to reduce risks early in your process development.
  • Develop, test, verify and set production parameters for your process.
  • Learn what works and become a knowledgeable counterpart if you decide to outsource.
  • Grow your network with cross discipline collaboration and business opportunities.
  • Get feedback on your project by leading industry representatives and key opinion leaders. (Only after an agreement on confidentiality has been signed).

Biological production capabilities in the Testa Center

CulturingCulture AnalyticsHarvestPurificationPurification AnalyticsFluid Handling
Mammalian cell culture rocking and stirred tank bioreactors up to 500 liter.Cell counters, metabolite analyzer, microscopes, Low-volt electron microscope (Vironova’s MiniTEM).High-pressure homogenization and sonication.Comprehensive purification instrumentation from lab scale to production scale.SDS-PAGE, HPLC (Agilent), Western blot, Nano-liter scale automated immunoassays (Gyrolab xP workstation).Mixers and bins to handle large quantities of buffers and media.
Microbial cultures in stirred tank bioreactors up to 50 liter.Tangential flow and depth filtration for harvest clarification.
Fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.Continuous centrifugation (AlfaLaval).

Learn about what others have done in biological production with the help of the Testa Center