Biological Production

Scaling-up? Need more capability? Come and Test it out before you decide how to go about it!

Many of our customers comes to us as they have to scale-up or scale-out their production, sometimes both! Use our instrument, equipment and labs to try it out for yourselves before taking such a decision. It will probably save you both time and money later!

  • Reduce risks early in your process development phase of bio-pharmaceuticals or biology products.
  • Develop, test, verify and set production parameters before investing in own equipment or outsource production to another party.
  • Applications and projects are reviewed by leading industry representatives and Key opinion leaders.
  • Get access to bio-process expertise with dedicated Testa Center staff available for support.
  • Grow your network with cross discipline collaboration and business opportunities.

The general project

These are the common phases for a company that utilizes Testa Center for their bio process.