What standard equipment does the labs and offices have?

Labs includes

Smaller standard lab utilities are available, e.g., LAF benches, pH meters, conductivity meters, floor centrifuges, lab bench centrifuges, scales, pumps, welders, spectrophotometer, autoclaves, UPS, fridge, freezer, heating block, water bath, pipettes and general glass ware.

See the full Instrument list of Testa Center.

Media in the labs include:
O2, N2, CO2
Purified Water (RO/EDI)
Tap water (KVMJ)
Pressured air

220 V 50Hz EU-plug compatible Schuko Type C/F outlets IEC 60309 electricity outlets and LAN ethernet network are also avalible.

Offices includes

Tables, chairs, whiteboard with pens, TV/monitor with HDMI connector + several adapters. Wifi network with public internet access.

Other shared resources incuded are: Printer, restrooms, lunch room.

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