Whats in it for Cytiva?

Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. Testa Center is the platform for Cytiva to listen, learn, collaborate and do training with academia and small-medium businesses.

In practical work this implies;

  1. Joining the ecosystem of cutting-edge research and startup innovation.
  2. Using Testa Center as testing ground for collaborations and projects.
  3. Learn startup culture by rotation of staff from the Biopharma company to Testa Center.
  4. Training and professional development of the life science workforce in general.

How about the Intellectual Property rights (IP) and the results I generate?

The Intellectual Property (IP) you own coming in to the Center and potential IP you generate in the Center will remain yours solely!

Testa Center will not have any rights to your company information nor to potential inventions or IP. We do not ever claim “first right of refusal”.

As such, you have full freedom to operate independently. No strings attached. In addition, access control will be possible for the labs and the data you generate will remain confidential unless you choose to share results. To give the best support possible, a small number of Testa Center employees will need to have access to the lab and the data servers, primarily for security and working environment regulations. These Testa Center employees have signed a confidentiality agreement ensuring full discretion.