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Our partnership program “Together” allows you to accelerate your project by working closely with Testa Centers’ suppliers and customers. Joining the program allows for collaboration on instrument sponsoring, collaborative training sessions, and hands-in-the-lab for bioprocessing projects.

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Alfa Laval Explorer

Alfa Laval Explorer pilot-scale centrifuge

Centrifugal separation is an effective and commonly used method to separate cells and cell debris from fermentation broths but is also used for numerous other duties.

The Explorer allows for efficient separation in pilot-scale and also for accurate scaling-up to commercial scale.

Item Description

The Explorer unit is a complete centrifugation system including flow meters, temperature, and pressure monitoring. A peristaltic feed pump is also available. The Explorer can be arranged for continuous or intermittent solids discharge. The feed material is transferred to the centrifuge with the feed pump. The separated supernatant is delivered under pressure to a reception tank.

The Explorer features Alfa Laval’s unique fully hermetic design for the gentlest possible product treatment.

The centrifuge will be operated by Alfa Laval personnel together with you on-site in the Testa Center.

Details at alfalaval.com