1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC

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Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC

A dedicated solution for large bio-molecule analysis. The design of new metal-free components in the sample flow-path and the absence of iron and steel in solvent delivery ensures the integrity of bio-molecules, minimizes unwanted surface interactions, and increases column lifetime.

The Together concept can include professional guidance on how to use the instrument for your purposes in the Testa Center.

Item Description

Features of the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC
• Reliable analysis of biological samples – the metal-free sample flow path at
600 bar means that none of your precious samples touches metal surfaces
and minimizes unwanted surface interactions while increasing column
• Instrument variety – Inert flow-cells for UV and fluorescence detection
and inert solvent and column selection valves for
multi-method/multi-attribute analysis.
• Increased flexibility – with high salt tolerance (2 M) and wide pH range
(1–13, short-term 14).
• Increased adjustability – flow rates up to 10 mL/min enable power ranges
from lowest pressure for traditional biopurification columns up to high
pressure STM analytical bio-columns.
• Active seal wash and quaternary solvent blending included.
• Ultralow carryover – the 1260 Infinity Bio-inert Multisampler is designed
for low carryover using multiwash capability, to reduce carryover to less
than 9 ppm.
• Bio-inert capillaries and connections – Novel bio-inert capillary and
connection design and InfinityLab QuickConnect/QuickTurn Fittings
• Faster pH scouting and easy buffer/solvent preparation – for ion exchange
chromatography with Agilent Buffer Advisor software.
• Upgrade to Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution – for reproducible advanced
analysis of accurate molecular weights and size information of
protein-based pharmaceuticals.
• AdvanceBio column portfolio – Large portfolio of Bio-HPLC columns for
SEC, IEX, reversed-phase, and peptide mapping.