Day 2: Lights, Camera and Action – Upstream in a bioreactor with cameras, sample analytics, in-bag sensors, parallel shake flask reactors and in-line mass spectrometry


Day two was when many of the participant’s experiments were going live; Video analysis detection, live process-data streaming from Sweden to the US, in-bag sensors to retrieve data from the …

Testa Challenge is an opportunity to verify bio-process technology

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We welcome all kind of innovative solutions that have the potential to meet the future technology needs within bio-production. Some examples in the area of technology include sensors, separation technology, pumps, etc. and within the digital/data segment, some examples include cloud solutions, VR / AR, AI, data transfer, modeling, automation, smart laboratory tools, etc.
Projects and companies from the technology/digital segments are invited to integrate, test and witness their innovation within a sponsored production workflow at Testa Center. Alongside the production process, participants will be supported by experts and have the possibility to experience their innovation hands on.