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Testa Center welcomes the SciAR Company to test AR/MR in Bioprocess labs

The Finnish company Sciar Company ltd. creates software for Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to take human errors out of the equation in Life Science laboratories. Testa Center, as a bridge between innovation, science and industry, could contribute to the development of their product. SciAR has a primary position twice: as a first company to test digital product in the facility, as well as a first actor outside Sweden to use Testa Center. The team from SciAR company, founded by three bio-sciences students from University of Helsinki has already visited the Bio-process Innovation Hub, Testa Center in Uppsala several months ago, conveying possibility for future collaboration. Now, they are coming back strong to test their minimum valuable product and two other pilots. “Lotta Ljungqvist, the CEO of Testa Center, held a presentation at the start-up and tech event “SLUSH” in Helsinki. We were very interested to find out more, so we contacted the responsible person at Testa Center and we decided to visit it and talk about the details”, explains Felix Erkinheimo, […]

GE to sell Biopharma Business to Danaher

In an announcement on February 25, GE announced the proposed sale of parts of the current Life Sciences business to US-based Danaher Corporation. The transaction, is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory reviews and appropriate consultation processes, and is expected to be complete by 4Q 2019. Testa Center, as a non-profit company owned and operated by GE Healthcare in Uppsala, is part of the proposed transaction with Danaher Corporation. “We continue to serve our customers, stakeholders, and researchers at Testa Center without interruption. Once the transaction is complete, we’ll have a wonderful opportunity to offer even more resources for innovative research”, said Lotta Ljungqvist, CEO Testa Center. GE Healthcare Life Sciences consists of Biopharma and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics. Pharmaceutical Diagnostics will remain part of the GE Healthcare portfolio. GE Biopharma is a leading provider of instruments, consumables, and software that support the research, discovery, process development and manufacturing workflows of biopharmaceutical dru […]

Uppsala University Master’s Students at Testa Center

The long-term collaboration agreement with Uppsala University and GE Healthcare gives not only researchers, but also students access to the equipment and specialized expertise at Testa Center. Now in December we are thrilled to have the first class of last-year students on the Master of Science programme in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering at Uppsala University at Testa Center for a student lab exercise. By locating parts of the training at Testa Center the students will gain important experience in industrial processes that cannot be offered in the university’s own laboratories. Direct feedback from the students confirm the above notions and that the experience in Testa Center has been very inspiring and that they have done important learnings around scaling up (from lab scale to industrial scale). In addition, for many of the students some of the unit operations were completely new, e.g., a filtering step for harvest, which speaks to the impo […]

BioLamina at Testa Center

The Swedish biotechnology company BioLamina was the first actor to run their project at Testa Center. BioLamina was founded in 2008 by Dr. Karl Tryggvason and his son Dr. Kristian Tryggvason, and today the company has grown into a business with global presence and about 20 employees. BioLamina develops, manufactures and distributes premium cell culture reagents intended for culturing of primary cells, such as stem cells. They recently entered into a collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to support the development of new cell therapies targeting Parkinson’s disease, heart failure and loss of vision. With the aim to scale up their production capacity, BioLamina already early on decided to come to Testa Center which was then made possible through financing support from Swelife. By having access to an extensive array of equipment and the special expertise provided at Testa Center, […]

Ilya Pharma at Testa Center

Uppsala-based start-up company Ilya Pharma was also one of the first to run their project at Testa Center and to use its bioprocess equipment. Ilya Pharma was founded in 2016 based on ground-breaking research from Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and has today grown to a team of 15 people. The company “has developed its own proprietary technology platform based on the use of living lactic acid bacteria” and are dedicated to “developing the next-generation biological drugs for treating wound in skin and mucosa” ( During 2018 the company, as well as their pharmaceutical project, rapidly developed and performed final safety studies and GMP production is under way. Through co-financing from Swelife Ilya Pharma was also given the opportunity to validate its manufacturing process on a large scale and to build valuable industrial knowledge at Testa Center. Before entering Testa […]