Verify innovation

Biological, digital and technology products for Bio-process are welcome to meet the real world of the Bio-process industry in Testa Center. Verification of a prototype in a workflow can help you to get your invention to be accepted by the industry and become a true innovation.

Testa Center is a major initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences) to secure the growth of the nation’s life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities in particular. This purpose-built, pilot-scale facility is open to national and international academic research groups, small business enterprises and major industry looking to verify their innovations in the best way possible.

Accelerate industrialization

Going from lab-scale to production usually requires process development while staying compliant. Preparing you for moving into a good manufacturing practices (GMP) production in-house or outsourced.

All who use Testa Center’s exceptional facilities gain a more time and cost-effective way to reduce the risks of securing ‘industrial Proof-of-Concept’. Accelerating industrialization in this way is vital for later market introduction and sales. And since many patents have a deadline, shortening time-to-market means higher return-on-investment.

Secure excellence

Education and training of academic students and company staff to enhance bio-process knowledge and hands-on experience in various organizations around the world.

Being able to verify and define optimized process parameters before transferring production to, for example, a CMO, reduces the risks associated with exposing critical business data to outside parties. You safeguard key company know-how and are less vulnerable to difficult-to-oversee external processes.

Lotta Ljungqvist, CEO Testa Center & GE Nordics on why Testa Center exists and why you should be interested. At Slush, Finland, December 2018.