FAQ – Testa Center


The project application process, which includes an independent expert assessment, is now in place. To register your interest, please fill in the form under contact.

As an open and creative environment, Testa Center promotes networking and cross-functional collaboration. Nevertheless, its IT structure, labs and offices provide full integrity and, if requested, projects can be run in a confidential manner. IP and results generated in the center remain yours exclusively. You own your data and take it back home with you!

Since the facility is not intended to manufacture biological products for clinical use, it does not need to comply with GMP regulations. It is nevertheless fitted with equipment commonly used in GMP-compliant production environments. Furthermore, small pharmaceutical companies will be able to test and develop manufacturing processes for new drugs and produce materials for in vitro or in vivo animal studies.

The government funds Testa Center through its innovation agency Vinnova and the strategic innovation program SWElife. All applications go through a small-scale due diligence by an independent advisory board that assesses the feasibility of the project. Irrespective of the application outcome, this evaluation by industry experts offers valuable insights for future project development. Hands-on business coaching can also be arranged when relevant.