Testa Challenge 2022

That’s a wrap!

We have officially concluded Testa Challenge 2022. Now we have just had 
the report out session, and we are amazed at how much progress the 
participating companies; Analysis Mode, ArgusEye, Nuctea Technologies, 
Scitara, and Timegate Instruments made during their three weeks at Testa 
Center. We wish you all good luck in the future and hope to see you soon 

During Testa Challenge the participants worked in an industrial verification 
environment for an early evaluation of their innovation in an antibody 
production process.

“To have the opportunity to run another Testa Challenge event is a great
honor and privilege for us. Not only is the event very social and fun,
but it also enables us to scale the Testa Center service and to benefit
from the synergies that appear when people meet and interact. In the
future, I can certainly see this concept spear heading the development
of technical and digital advances in bioprocessing and life science at
”, Jesper Hedberg, Director Testa Center, commenting the Testa

Check out the video below to learn more about Testa Challenge and the 
participating companies!

A big thanks to STUNS Life science, RISE Research 
Institutes of Sweden, Pall – Biotech, Gyros Protein Technologies, Region Uppsala,
Tillvaxtverket (EU Regional Development Fund), and Cytiva for making 
this possible!

The participants in the Testa Challenge 2022 are

We are very happy to announce the participants of the Testa Challenge 2022: AnalysisMode, ArgusEye AB, Nyctea Technologies, Scitara Corporation, and Timegate Instruments.

Logos of the participants of the Testa Challenge 2022.

We are happy to announce these five companies, selected by an external advisory board. The competition to join this year’s Testa Challenge 2022 was keen with many strong applicants from around the world.

The countdown to the Testa Challenge weeks in march has now begun and we look forward to welcoming the selected companies to Testa Center.

// The Testa Challenge team


Intrested in what Testa Challenge is? Read more about it:

Apply for the Testa Challenge before the 17th of January

Do you wish to enter a biomanufacturing facility to test your product or service?

You are invited to test and verify your technology for bioprocess in the Testa Center. Participate to learn how your technology fits it into the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and the related bioprocess!

“This is a concept inspired from hackathons and open innovation concepts but applied in a bioprocess. We are inviting companies from the technology digital, and data segment to integrate, test, and verify their innovations in a fully-funded standard bioproduction workflow.“

Jesper Hedberg, Director


Apply for the Testa Challenge 2022 before 22:00 CET on the 17th of January 2022 and get the chance to participate in a three-week biomanufacturing “hackathon”.

Here is all you need:

  1. Call text
  2. Bioprocess description
  3. Application form
  4. Official website