Testa Center precautions and policies – COVID-19

As the situation around COVID-19 progresses, we endeavor to keep our Testa Center offices and labs open at this time for important scientific work.

We are working daily with our Crisis Response Teams to coordinate our efforts as a global company to find a balance between producing the critical medical equipment our customers need with keeping the safety of our employees as our number one priority.  We follow local and national guidelines as well as those set by GE:

In addition, Testa Center currently has some restrictions around visits and around planned and ongoing experimental activities as follows:

  • Clients that have planned and ongoing experimental activities in Testa Center are still welcome but will not have access to eat lunch at the site canteen or visit the site gym. Entrance to the Testa Center building has been re-routed to the gate next to the house. Further access is not available to the GE Healthcare Life Sciences site in Uppsala.
  • Currently we do not accept tours or one-day visits of more general character. If possible, we are happy to meet you virtually rather than in the Testa Center.  

Due to the dynamic situation we suggest you get in contact with us if you have a question regarding your activities with Testa Center.

Finally, we closely follow developments in our community and may change our restrictions quickly to adhere to recommendations from authorities – please stay updated through our website.

Best Regards

The Testa Center team

PS. Please check our website for virtual tours and demos as we are currently expanding our digital presence.

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