Testa Center went to Finland in November to visit PharmaCity, BioCity, Slush and Y-science to meet and greet with Life Science companies. Although we did not see the sun for four days, it felt like a bright light was shining on us due to the many inspiring people we met!

Prohealth Accelerator in Åbo/Turku

Prohealth Accelerator Åbo Turku
Prohealth Accelerator in Åbo/Turku

At PharmaCity in Åbo/Turku we met with Hanna Halme who runs the ProHEALTH Accelerator labs and companies from the region.

Slush 2019

We then went to Helsinki for the tech conference named ”Slush” (after what you expect of the weather in Finland in November) with 25,000 attendees from startups and small-medium-businesses.

Jens made a comment on over all learnings from visiting Slush 2019.

Y-Science (Why Science)

On Friday we visited Y-Science, the official side-event of Slush for Life Science. This event attracts startups, SMEs, investors and innovation-supporters in Life Science from the Nordic countries. After some very interesting key-notes and a pitch-parade there was some really interesting discussions on what kind of bio-process work that goes on in Finland right now, and how rare Testa Center’s capabilities are in Finland.

Source: y-science.org/

It was easy to see the great potential in the companies that attended and we hope to come back soon, and to see a lot more collaboration with our new and old friends from Finland!