Jens Hammarlund – Head of IT and Digital

Listen to Jens giving a digital perspective on Life Sciences and Bio-processing!

“Testa Center is a place where we encourage the use new digital technology to Life Sciences practices.

I see this as transforming for how we do Bio-processing!
We invite you to develop and test your digital products in Testa Center, so that we can help the industry to enhance quality, efficiency and usability in the daily work.

Working in the intersection between cutting-edge Life Sciences and Digital, that’s like creating a new Sci-Fi movie, every day! Come and try for yourself!”

Jens Hammarlund, Testa Center.

Jens have been working with companies and projects like SciAR and ATEA’s hybrid data center. As well as organizing events like;

You can find Jens’s professional profile on LinkedIn.

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