Lotta Ljungqvist, CEO of the Testa Center

As founder and leader, Lotta knows how your company, project, or research can accelerate in Testa Center. Listen to her vision and see why Testa Center is special!

Lotta Ljungqvist, CEO, on business value for bioprocess companies coming to Testa Center!

I see Testa Center as a stepping stone for industrialization. It’s a sharing community, like Spotify.

We contribute with contribute with equipment and expertise, and both academia, industry and start-ups can benefit from the collective knowledge.

Collaboration between both small and large players is key to drive innovation in the Bio-process environment!

My vision with Testa Center is that together we are sharing the expertise, we will learn from it, we will share the risks, and thereby we will enhance the Bio-process industry!

Lotta Ljungqvist, Testa Center.
Here is Lotta with Ibrahim Baylan (Swedish Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation), Jennie Nordborg (Swedish National Coordinator Life Sciences), Cecilia Sjöstedt (Managing Director GE Healthcare) and entourage in one of the Testa Center labs.

Lotta, an inspirational leader!

In a recent interview, Lotta explains why the availability to innovate in Testa Center is an innovation in the biological production industry in itself! As a true leader, she inspires and empowers both her own employees and others to accelerate and excel beyond today’s state.

Be brave to take on more challenging roles!”

Lotta Ljungqvist, CEO of the Testa Center

The message, to be brave, has been woven into the walls of Testa Center and impacts everyone that visits!

You can see Lotta’s professional profile on LinkedIn.